Sunday, February 21, 2010

Babushka doll purse - the back

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Here you can see the back view - with the zipper. PS. I'll be giving it to Kristen on Tuesday so shhh! till then.

Babushka doll purse for Kristen

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Kristen and I both love Russian nesting dolls. Kristen gave us a set of Babushka measuring cups for the kitchen for our wedding. It was her birthday last week and I felt inspired to carry on the babushka tradition and made her a little felt purse. I drew the illustration on the computer, printed it out and used it as a pattern. The eyes and cheeks are created with Copic markers but the rest is layered felt. I was aiming for a less traditional doll but it came out super traditional, oh well! Next time, maybe a glam metal doll? I hope she likes it!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Final punk themed sling

For Joe, this one is Ramones themed and is my surprise favourite! I stitched a Ramones badge onto the pocket (love the almost baby talk similarilty) and the fabric is dark charcoal with black skull and crossbones and black contrast back. This is a real don't mess with me or my baby punk-rock sling!! Btw, we used a bag of oranges in these shots as we have no bubba to use in these photos!

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Marimekko themed slings

I've always loved the bold patterns of Marimekko fabric but could never afford it! I found this amazing pattern at tessuti in the city, still expensive but not a patch on the real-deal! Lined in red cotton with matching pocket, can be worn either side out. I made two of these in two different sizes for Al and Pru.

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The footy themed sling

For Mark, the AFL enthusiast. In his team colour of red. (swans of course!) I added padding on the shoulders and hips for comfort and tapered the sling at shoulders. I also added a lined pocket for emergency nappies or toys and added a d loop for the dummy, toy attachments. I hope he likes it!

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A weekend of baby slings

I'm currently experiencing a baby boom in my friendship circle. Luckily, I mastered the baby sling or papoose last year for my brother in law, when I bought one for my sister and he mentioned whilst it fit her well it was much too small for him to wear, so I created a pattern to fit him perfectly. This also sparked my husband's brilliant plan to create 2 slings per baby, one for the Mum and one for the Dad, custom fit of course! Sadly, I was the pleb on my own design project as he proudly art directed both boy's slings, choosing themes and surpervising fabric choices. They turned out amazingly well, and here they follow....

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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Cute chocolate from Krispian

Wouldn't this brighten up your day too?

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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Lisa's purse

This was a present I whipped up for Lisa. It features some gorgeous cotton print from Japan (gosh they have such pretty fabric there) and orange cotton I recycled from ebay purchase of vintage fabric in the UK a long, long time ago. The cute buttons were recycled from a mixed bag my sister bought me from "The button guy in Maroochydore". Imagine if all you sold was buttons? Nice huh? And the whole thing is quilted on bamboo batting with a velcro closure. Got to love the orange polka-dot bias binding!

Someone's else's hand-made cheating present

Ok, Ok, I said I'd hand-make everything - but someone else handmade this one. Its a gorgeous kimono print bib and baby wrap by Sallymac bought at the Young Blood Designers Market at the Powerhouse museum. Its so darn cute I couldn't resist!

P and J with log!

Here's the proud recipients of Door log! Present 1 = success!

Monday, February 1, 2010

The Ghost of presents past - Kae's sweater

This was a sweater (bolero style) that made for Kae for Christmas. I customized it with Alanna Hill style decoration; velvet ribbon, crystals and bead-work on the buttons. Without the Alanna Hill price tag! Great for sweaters that are a bit boring. Years ago I embroidered an old sweater from Vinnies with gold thread to jazz it up when I couldn't afford a new one. Thanks for the photos Kae!