Sunday, January 3, 2010

A New Year's Resolution

I think as a well-heeled country, we have too much stuff. So much stuff that we don't know what to do with it so we build bigger houses with more rooms to put our stuff in. All that stuff uses up our precious resources. So I decided to give the planet a rest. Late last year, I had the idea to to reduce my spending on consumer goods and try to hand-make or recycle gifts for a year. I like to call it "slow gifting". Instead of buying something, I would take the time to make each person something special and unique for themselves. I got given a great book from Kae for Christmas to kick start my year of hand-made or recycled gifts; Sewing Green. Thanks Kae! Stay tuned for the results of the first craft project... One branch door-stop in brown cord made from Liam's old jeans. Who knows, it could all end in tears as friends and family beg me not to make another badly knitted scarf and to return to store-bought gifts, but it should be a fun journey.


  1. good for you Sare... looking forward to seeing what you get up to - especially that fantastic draught-stopper with its adorable snail etc!!

  2. I think the idea is fabulous and what you have made so far is amazing. I am just a bit worried my home craft efforts will not even come close :)