Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Bunting for the nursery

Please excuse the large gap in time between posts. I've been a little lax in keeping this blog updated. My mother-in-law made us a beautiful patchwork quit for our baby cot so I felt inspired to use the left-over scraps of fabric and make bunting. I think it gives the nursery a festive air. Gosh, I hope the little munchkin can sleep in there!

How to make your own bunting?

Its super easy to make, I made a triangle pattern in cardboard to trace, then I just used double side iron on binding and bound two thicknesses of fabric together (so from any side you look at it, its still right-side-out!) and then used pinking shears to cut out triangles of fabric. Then I just used home-made bias binding at the tops to sew it all together (leaving a couple of inches between flags). I hope you like it.

1 comment:

  1. the bunting goes with the quilt? love it! (words 'hand-made bias' make me cringe though) any chance of a closeup of the quilt too?